The package structure in a Spring Boot application

In an application developed in Spring Boot we must be careful to order and structure the packages in a correct and understandable way. We will see the most standardized way to order packages in Spring Boot.

How should we order the packages in a Spring Boot application?

There is no mandatory form that Spring imposes on us for the naming and structure of our packages. However, there are recommendations, common usage and best practices.

A good recommendation and good practice are to divide our project into layers.

We can divide our project into a package for the controllers, another one for the services, the model of our data and the access to the database.

In another article we saw components and stereotypes . We saw that Spring proposes a division into Controller, Service, _Repository proposes a division into Controller, Service, Repository to order our code.

Taking advantage of this we can create the packages for each stereotype in this way.

  • Controller package for all the endpoints that our application has.
  • Service package to add there classes that respond to the functionality and logic.
  • Model package for the representations of our data model (entities).
  • Repository package for the classes that establish the communication with the database.

Estructura paquetes

Our project would look like this.

Estructura paquetes proyecto /

In addition to these packages for our classes we see other folders for the resources, and the package for the tests. In the resources folder we place the properties file.


We saw here the usual and classic distribution in the ordering of packages. Dividing packages into layers is the most commonly used application.

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