How to connect SpringBoot with Databases

Spring Boot allows you to connect a database simply with minimal configuration. Let’s see in this post how to connect to a database.

How to connect Spring Boot with database

You can create a database connection in Spring Boot with a few steps.

  • Define the database you are going to use.
  • Include dependencies.
  • Define connection settings in the property file.

Define the database

In this example, we will use MySql, but the configuration applies to any database.

The only difference is the dependency necessary to connect your database with your service.

Dependencies to create a database connection in Spring Boot

To create a DB connection, you need the following dependencies.

For MySql you need:


For PostgreSQL:


For Oracle:




Database connection settings in the property File

In these properties, we first set the connection path to the DB. Then we indicate the user and the password. With this minimal configuration and the dependency, it is enough for Spring to understand how to connect.

The minimum configuration to connect to a database is as follows:

For MySql:


For PostgreSQL:


For Oracle:




*Note that the port and url may change depending on the installation of each database.

Spring can create the tables for you

If you want to delegate the creation of tables to Spring you can do it adding one property.


This setting tells Spring whether to create the tables from the entities we have created.

This article explains more about this property.

  • none: no action will be performed.
  • drop: the tables will be created from the entities and at the end, they will be deleted.
  • create: the tables will be deleted and then created
  • update: performs an update of the schema from the entities.
  • validate: only performs a validation between the entities and the database schema.

Let’s zoom in on this property “spring.jpa.hibernate.ddl-auto”

If we define this property as “create” Spring will destroy all tables and then create all of them.

Spring Database Create

In order to understand more about entities, review this other post

For example for this entity. Spring will do the following

Spring Database Entity

Observe in the Spring console what happens with this “create” configuration.
In order to see the Spring SQL sentences in the console, you need this configuration

Spring Database Console


In this post, we learn how to configure a connection to a database and how to delegate the creation of database/tables to Spring.

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