How to create a Spring Boot Project with Intellij

To create a Spring Boot project we can use the Intellij wizard.

Create a SpringBoot project with Intellij

In a previous article we saw how to create a Spring Boot project with Spring Initializr. We have another way to create projects easily using Intellij

IntelliJ has different options:

  • Choose whether we will use Maven or Gradle for building our project.
  • The versions of Spring and Java we will use.
  • The data of your project for the group and the artifact.
  • The dependencies you need.

Spring Boot IntelliJ

From the command line we can start the application.

gradlew bootRun

Spring Boot IntelliJ

We can also use IntelliJ to start the application. For this we open the Spring Boot main class and from the main we start our application.

Spring Boot IntelliJ


IntelliJ has the tools to simplify the initial creation and dependencies of your Spring Boot project.

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