About me…

Hello!. Maybe you’ve arrived here because you’ve been interested in one of my posts or just by chance. Whatever the reason, I like that you are here dedicating part of your time to read it. In this blog I try to share my experience as a software developer and other related topics that motivate me.

I am passionate about software, quality and productivity. I have worked on many projects related to the development of business applications, actively participating in the construction of software solutions with responsibilities in each of the stages of its life cycle to the point of delivery in production and subsequent maintenance.

I have also excelled in the construction of websites for entrepreneurs and companies and collaborating with people who want to start a project and need help in everything related to media through the web.

I like to make things happen and help in this, especially those who have just started and who have that thrust and adrenaline that gives that which starts.

I am also an enthusiast of reading, cinema, photography, travel, but above all I am an enthusiast of my family. I like to enjoy them and see them well, I think this happens to all of us who love our people.

My personal manifesto is very simple: enjoy what you do and strive to do well, stay updated by reading and sharing what you know, dedicate time to your family, be true to your values ​​and principles, take care of your body and mind.

In this site you will find those topics that are of my interest and in which I am sure I can help you, some of them are Java, Android, Golang, web applications, software quality and a few other things. 🙂

I hope that the walk through this site is to your liking and serves you. If there is something I can help you with or just want to express your opinion, do not hesitate to contact me at contacto@gustavopeiretti.com, I read and respond to all comments and emails.